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Storm Clouds


Discover current weather conditions and learn what to generally expect when it comes to weather in Edmonton. 


Average Temps: 21°C to 30°C

From June to August, you can expect warm, dry days with up to 17 hours of sunlight. The sun rises at 5:30 am and doesn’t set until 10:00 pm most nights giving you lots of daylight to explore our trails!


We do experience some spectacular thunderstorms and rain spells and ask that you be patient in heading out on the singletrack trails after those events to give them a chance to dry out. Riding rain-saturated, muddy trails cause damage that requires hundreds of volunteer hours to fix.


Average Temps: 11°C to 17°C

Fall in Edmonton is hard to beat! Beautiful colours, great sightlines, tacky singletrack dirt, and refreshing temperatures for riding. The sun may be setting earlier but you can grab some bike lights and extend your trail time to well after the sun has set. 

Average Temp: -7°C to -15°C


The City turns into a snowy wonderland and the trails take on a whole new life in the winter! We experience our coldest annual temperatures during the winter and you can typically expect to find 50cm of snowpack on the ground.

During much of the winter, you'll find the humidity levels quite low, which makes the weather easy to dress for and more pleasant to mountain bike in!


Average Temps: 12°C to 18°C

Spring is an exciting time in the city! Snow-packed singletrack turns back into dirt, and temperatures are refreshing to ride in. Sight lines are also nice and open due to the leaves not being out yet. 

During the thaw cycle, our trails are quite vulnerable to ruts and other damage. We ask that you stay off of singletrack trails that are muddy or slushy. In early spring riding frozen singletrack in the morning is a great way to get your riding fix in!

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