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The Trails

When we say local mountain bike trails, we really mean local! Like trails flowing through the heart of our city, through downtown kind of local.

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Accessible singletrack adventure for all 
skill levels.

There's a little something for every riding style and skill level nestled in The North Saskatchewan River Valley and its accompanying ravines. There are hundreds of trails to discover and link together. Get ready to experience a truly unique mountain biking adventure that exists amongst a city of a million people. 

While it is 100% free to ride and enjoy the singletrack trails in Edmonton, we strongly encourage you to purchase a Trail Pass from the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance to help our community fund the upkeep and development of our epic collection of trails. Our trail network is cared for and managed by volunteers!

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Trail Overview

Trail Regions

A network beyond singletrack.

In addition to our hundreds of kilometers of singletrack trail, you'll also find hundreds more kilometers of gravel and paved trails, as well as bike lanes. 


Our trails are
maintained with love
by dedicated volunteers.

Edmonton's singletrack trails are maintained by the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance and thousands of volunteer hours. Please visit the links below for more information regarding trail stewardship, volunteer opportunities, and to donate.

Buy A Trail Pass

Please Avoid Using
Muddy Trails.

Our soil in Edmonton is primarily clay-based and in turn, so are our trails. Clay becomes very sticky and malleable when saturated with water and dries firm. This makes the trails vulnerable to ruts and damage when bikes or foot traffic use trails when wet. For current trail conditions and more information regarding how you can help keep our trails in great shape see below.

Trail Conditions
Trail Etiquette
Cracked Mud
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